Why You Should Use Facebook Ads

UpsellPackageFacebook business page has one goal, and that is to share their post to everyone. But with the recent changes in the News Feed organic searches has decreased significantly. The competition for space in News Feed has intensified to the point that you need to advertise to get maximum benefit from your business or fan page.

Facebook ads are one of the ways you can use to gain more new ‘likes” on your business page. You can promote your business page you can attract more people to like your page. This ad is similar to a typical advertisement but less expensive. In fact, the cost of Facebook ads is just cheap.

There are many reasons why you should consider using Facebook advertising to promote your post, business page or website. Here are some of the reasons why you should spend money on Facebook ads.

1. Organic Reach Slowly Declining

As I have said earlier, organic reach is quickly declining. It is the reason some people have decided to invest in Facebook ads. With the recent Facebook changes your shared post will no longer appear in all your connections News Feed. They changed the algorithm to give way to post that is not gaining exposure and to show only post relevant to the user.

2. Slow Growth

Before the Facebook algorithm changes small and large business get free exposure. They can promote new brands easily because all their posts appear on user News Feed. So, users can share their post to their connections giving them free publicity. But that is all in the past because nowadays, it hard to gain views for your posts. Facebook is no longer the marketing platform that provides free publicity.

The number one social media website is not a sales channel. With sales channel, you need to put time and investment. In other words, if you want to reach your target audience you need to advertise.

3. Advertise to the Right Audience

In the old days, advertising is a hit and miss type method. What do I mean by this? When you advertise there is no guarantee that you will reach the right audience. For example, when you advertise the ad may be read by the wrong people or simply ignored. It is a fact that the ad is not reaching the right target will result in nothing.

The changes in the News Feeds ensure that the right people see your ad. Facebook uses the information on users to show ads. It filters the ads according to the user’s gender, location, age, interest and likes. If you use Facebook ads properly, you can drive traffic to your website or increase your page likes.

4. Budget Friendly

Many businesses used social media website simply because it is free. But there is no guarantee that your social media effort will be fruitful. Advertising in Facebook is cost effective. This is because Facebook gives you control over your money.

Facebook let you decide where your money goes and how much per campaign. Additionally, you can analyze your spending whether you are getting the results you want from your money or not. A Facebook ad gives you insight that will allow you to change your campaign when necessary.

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