Types of Affiliate Programs

Do you have a blog or website and looking for a way to increase your online income? Affiliate marketing is one way to make money online. It is a revenue sharing program that allows affiliate marketers to make money as long as they want. Unfortunately, there are different types of affiliate programs, knowing all of them can help you make the right choice.

Affiliate marketers makes money every time someone clicked on their affiliate link and makes a purchase. In other words, you get a commission from someone that performs an action. Companies and individuals invest in affiliate marketing programs for sales and lead generation.

There are different affiliate programs, so not all plans have the same rates or work the same way. Some programs allow you to image hyperlinks or place text to website or product while others let you set up a store or shopping page so you can offer products. The products you offer depend on your website content. With the different affiliate plans, the payout definitely. And the most common affiliate plan is paid per click.

Types of Affiliate Programs

There are three types of affiliate programs below are the affiliate programs you can join.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is the type of affiliate program that pays you a commission every time someone clicked on your affiliate text link or banner. You get paid whether the visitor to the merchant website took an action or not. This type of program is great for newbies because the person you referred do not need to make a purchase for you to earn money.

Pay Per Sale

Pay per sale is also a commission based program. But unlike the pay per click, the visitor you referred to the online merchant website must make a purchase for you to earn a commission. The commission depends on the percentage given to affiliate marketers and most of the time its a flat rate commission. There are also programs that based the percentage of commission on the number of visitors. Read the terms and conditions of affiliate programs before joining one.

Pay Per Lead

This affiliate program pays a onetime commission fee. Affiliate marketers are paid once regardless of the action taken by the visitor. Companies that offer these programs obtain pay whenever a visitor sign up and refer someone. They make money from visitors that leave their data as they can make a sale or sell the information to another company as lead. And you as the affiliate marketer make money when you generate a lead for the online merchant you are promoting.

Making money from affiliate marketing is hard but lucrative. When you promote the right affiliate program, and you did well promoting them you can definitely make money. So, choose the affiliate program you will promote to generate the income you want. There are affiliate marketing tools that you can use to help you become a super affiliate. Take advantage of them so you can easily achieve your goal.

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