Tips to Increase Facebook Business Page Followers

Facebook is home to over 35 million active business pages. With the number of business pages up, it will be a bit harder for a new business page to get noticed. So, how will your small business get noticed by your potential customers? This page talks about how to increase your Facebook business page followers, so read to generate more likes that convert to sales.

Facebook is the number one social network. It is the most popular social site despite the emergence of profit sharing social network like Tsu. Small and large business create Facebook business page to have a place to interact with customers and share updates, promos, and announcements. If you want to make your presence felt online, you need to become an effective Facebook Marketer.

So, how to become an effective social network marketer?

1. Personalized Your Social Media Profiles

In Facebook, you can personalize the web address of your business page. It is to personalize your account before promoting across the World Wide Web to show everyone that you mean business. Plus! A web address with your page name let you look more professional.

2. Analyze Advertising Effects

Facebook has tools that let business page owners analyze their advertising effort. These tools provide admin information that could help them plan future advertising campaign. The tools also provide stats that show whether the advertising efforts were on tracks or not.

3. Like Button

Do you have a website or blog? If you do, then it is time to add a “Like” button on your blog so people can easily found your business page. Adding a Facebook button is a good idea to increase your followers easily. You can have more followers on your business page without doing much.

The Facebook button is easy to embed on a blog or website; anyone can add the button.

4. Allow Social Media Integration

Do you have Twitter, Google+ or Instagram? If you have several social networks, then it is best to enable integration, allowing you to post on one site and let it automatically publish through other social media accounts. This will help you save effort promoting your Facebook business Page.

5. Freebies for “Likes”

The fastest way, to drive traffic to your business page, is giving incentives through “Likes”. If you are going to run a promotional campaign, it is best to tie it up with your Facebook business page. In exchange for a “Like”, you can give a freebie or updates about your latest promo. Many companies run a promo by using “likes” as bait. Take note, no one pass a free item or meal especially when all they need to do, is like a page.

The above are just some of the things you can do to promote and increase your Facebook followers. If you have any more ideas to increase followers or other strategies that drive traffic, I would love to hear it.

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  1. Hey Wael!
    What a wonderful way to inform people how they can use a social media site to market their own business. I believe you have condensed the entire information very well and it indeed is valuable. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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