Tips to Capitalize Your Facebook News Feed Ads

Are you looking for ways to make the most out of Facebook News Feed ads? Most advertisers are shifting to News Feed ads because it works. The conversion rate according to study is higher with News Feed ads than the right side ads. News Feed ads are getting popular because it is also less costly.

What is News Feed?

News Feed ads are updating stories in your home page. Facebook News Feed updates photos, status and. It also updates links, videos, likes from user, including groups and pages you follow on the platform. The stories featured in your news feed are usually story with a large number of likes and comments.

News Feed is a powerful medium for advertisers because Facebook does not disrupt user’s attention with banner or pop-up ads. The News Feed ads appear like it is part of the experience.
Here are some tips to get the most of News Feed ads on Facebook.

1. Spend Half of Your Facebook Ad to News Feed

News Feed ads click through rate is 4o% higher than right side ads because it is the only ads that cater to mobile users. It is a fact that the majority of Facebook users access the site through mobile devices. In fact, 70% of users log onto Facebook through their smartphone mobile app. So, allocating half of your Facebook advertising budget to News feed ads can increase your conversion rate.

2. Go for Page Post Ad

Page post link ad can increase your sales or drive traffic conversion. But if your objective is to drive engagement for your brand then you need a different type of ad. Page post photo ad is the Facebook ads you need to do the trick. Page post links can increase conversion rate by 30%, but you can benefit more with page photo ads because the click through rate is 23% higher than page post link ads.

3. Get A Separate Ads For Mobile Users

Splitting the Facebook ads budget, between mobile and desktop user’s, can help maximized your News Feed ad. When you can split your target to mobile and desktop users instead of creating a single campaign for all facebook users, you can get the most out of your advertising money.

As I have said again and again, mobile users in News Feeds outperform desktop ads. So, creating separate ads for mobile users will enhance your News Feeds ads because you are targeting the right audience with your post.

4. Make Your Facebook Ads International

Facebook offer the highest ROI. Unfortunately, the opportunity is not inside the U.S contrary to what some people believe but outside. So, majority of advertiser’s focus their advertising spend on audience outside the U.S. There is a gold mine in the international market so create News Feed ads for the international market.

News Feed ads are the next big thing as ads appear native. If you are an advertiser, it is wise to make sure your Facebook News Feeds can catch the attention of users.

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