Popular Affiliate Programs For Bloggers and Website Owners

Affiliate marketing is a complex business because it is a big industry. There are thousands of programs in different niche for affiliate marketers to promote and make money. So, whatever your niche is, there is no doubt that you will find an affiliate program that suits your website or blog.

Majority of online business has its own affiliate program. These programs let marketers earn a revenue share or commission whenever they make a sale or bring a lead. The commission or income from affiliate programs vary as each one has its own rate and payment system. Plus! Not all affiliate programs can let you earn a substantial amount, so you need to work hard. But there are affiliate programs for bloggers, marketers or anyone else that want to make money online on a full time basis.

Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Website Owners

Anyway, two of the well known affiliate programs that will let you earn money online are below:

Amazon.com is a popular online retailer in the world. Their affiliate program is one of the most popular because of the numerous benefits they offer to affiliate marketers. The site is also a trusted affiliate. Amazon.com associate program offers a 10% commission for direct sales of some products. If you are successful with promoting amazon.com affiliate products you can earn a lot. And since they pay on time all the time, you are assured of a regular income.

With Amazon, you have a wide range of products to promote unlike with other businesses that promote their brands through affiliate marketing. You can choose the niche you are most comfortable promoting and earn a substantial commission from the product. Aside from the wide range of products to promote, it is also easy to join their program. But I won’t discuss how, it’s for another article. The most important thing you need to know is that amazon.com affiliate program is rewarding for the right affiliate marketers.

eBay also have an affiliate program for website owners and bloggers that want to earn more online. The affiliate program of eBay is similar to Amazon.com, affiliate marketers also paid a commission for every sale they make. Ebay commission is not price based like Amazon.com, with them you earn based on the percentage of the eBay fee. But, they offer a bonus when new customers purchase a product. The bonus makes eBay affiliate program lucrative and a good program for those interested in full time online income.

eBay also have a wide range of product, their huge inventory will give you plenty of options. They also have widgets and tools for marketers to help in promotion and increase their earnings. By the way, the commission or revenue sharing program of eBay varies from country to country. So, do not be surprised if your commission is higher or lower than those from another country.

As said early on, there are hundreds of affiliate programs so you have a lot of choices. If you wish to know how you can make money online from affiliate programs, check the link below.

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