Is Link Building Important to Affiliate Marketing?

Link building is a process that allows websites to be more visible on search engine results page by acting as signals. It is an important process for building a successful affiliate marketing websites. The process let the search engines know more about what your page is and how popular your content is.

Over the years, affiliate marketing websites used link building to reach targeted queries. But Google constantly change its ways of determining popular and relevant website that rank on their search result, thus making link building more difficult. It becomes more difficult for smaller website such as affiliate sites to rank well on search results.

The competition in search ranking begins on how affiliate marketers can build strong links to their website pages. So, knowing how to back link efficiently is necessary to promote your affiliate site and dominate the niche you wanted to penetrate. Building links that really matter have a long term effects on your site page rank on search engines. Links can also drive traffic that create brand awareness and have high conversion rate. That’s why it is crucial to build strong links that matters to the search engines to beat the competition.

Furthermore, search engine like Google is working hard to weed out bad sites and content. Sadly, affiliates are the ones badly affected by Panda, etc. Unaffected affiliate’s sites are those with strong links. What are strong links, what else but links that point to quality content and product pages.

How to Build Links for Your Website or Product Page?

Let’s say for the sake of argument you have an affiliate website, how would you back link your page or site? It is important that you think carefully how you would back link your product page to make it search engine friendly. There are many things you can do, like building a Pinterest board, Facebook page or join groups. Social networking sites can help you make your site search engine friendly. But of course, you have to make your site or content socially engaging to get the people’s attention.

Another thing affiliate marketers can do is guest posting on good sites. I’m not talking about splogs or article sites but a website with actual followers and readership. You won’t get anything from guest posting on hundred of article sites with no actual readership. Plus! Google could even penalized your site for leaving bad links on bad sites. By the way, when guest blogging it is crucial to make the article really helpful, not an advertisement. When you write useful content there is a chance that they will ask you to come back and write again.

So is link building important to affiliate marketing? Yes, link building is a good way to make your affiliate site visible on search engine. But it is necessary to build quality links to benefit from it. Poor back links could get your site penalized and on the bad side. So, if you want to make your site visible to search engine, build quality backlinks for your website or product page.

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