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Facebook has become one of the biggest, largest and the top social media platform ever to be used in the world. Most people use it as a platform where they can chat, share their thoughts, upload images, files or videos and share them with their friends or others around the world.

However, most entrepreneurs use it as an opportunity to expound on the market of their products or services to a wider and broader audiences.

Using Facebook ads as an advertisement media can be successful or not depending on the strategy you use to market or approach your audiences.

That’s why you are always advised to identify the unique opportunities in this media and try to differentiate them from other platforms. This will ensure that you take maximum advantage of such opportunity.

Facebook ad is Facebook platform which enables an individual or company to advertise their products to the audience on Facebook on either paid per click or fan engagement.

The following are some simple steps you should take before using Facebook ads.

1. Build or create your Facebook page

2. Connect with many as you can and get them to like your page.

3. Engage your audience with some promotions to attract their attentions and to ensure they are active on your page

Before posting your ad, ensure that you know about Facebook sales procedures and categorize yourself into the right category:

Direct: This includes involving Facebook dedicated account teams who manages the tight relationship directly with the products advertisers or their agencies.

Inside: this sales handles the next client approach. The clients are then given sales representative who deals directly in purchasing the advertising. And,

Online: where companies develop products on top of Facebook Ads in order to facilitate marketing for self-server advertisers.

Facebook ad 2015 has been modified with special applications which enable someone to add a form template which allows a fan to sign up to the offer before being given the free gift. To take an advantage of this, you need to ensure that the tab to the sign up is shown as the first thing when they click on your page so as to ensure maximum signups to the link.


l Use image to accelerate updates.


It’s useless to post an ad which doesn’t have engagement inform of comments, shares or likes. It’s appropriate that you have a fan engagement so as to be consistently be seen in the news feed.

To meet this, ensure you amplify your updates using images that have contents that prompt your fans to leave a comment, share or likes.

The images should be beautiful accompanied with catchy headline but with one or few fonts (if necessary).

You can also use which allows you to create images and templates tabs for beautiful and catchy adverts.

l Run on concurrent accounts.

Use multiple Ads either with the same theme or image or operate multiple campaigns with competing images to the same audience and see which one do they like the most.

l Begin with a baby steps

No matter the bigger the budget you have, always starts small. Begin with a few ads with small charge that runs for few hours and determine the fan engagements. Use the outcome as the baseline target for the next ad.

l Use an emailing and email blast

Email blast refers to the sending of numerous electronics emails or messages to a group of people at the same time.

Sending email blast will be favorable technique on reaching to your audience. These emails should be sent preferably in the morning. It has been estimated that morning emails receives higher CTR. Ensure that every email you send has a link to the product you are promoting.

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