Fat Fighting Foods – Part Two

Foods just like water are important. They are consumed to provide nourishment to the body. But there are times when eating can cause us different problems like gaining unwanted extra weight. Fortunately, there are fat fighting foods that can help you avoid weight gain without dieting.
This post is a continuation of fat fighting foods. Here I give you more foods that can help you maintain your healthy and sexy figure.

fat fighting foods

Fat Fighting Foods


Berries just other fruits are high in fiber and water so you feel full longer. If you have a sweet tooth and craving for something sweet. Snacking on berries is better than chocolate or cake. Berries can satisfy your cravings without making you feel guilt later on. Plus! When you eat blueberries for example, you get more than satisfying sweet tooth as this type of berry loaded with antioxidants.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are already full of flavor. So, there is no need to add sour cream, cheese, bacon bits or butter to make them tasty, unlike potatoes. Sweet potatoes are better than potatoes as you can save from load of calories. They are also packed with beta carotene, fiber, vitamin C and potassium.

Raw Vegetable

Do you like eating salad or vegetables? Eating raw vegetable has many advantages. They can make you feel full and satisfy your desire for something crunchy. Snacking on raw vegetable like celery or salsa is much better than chips. If you are craving for chips and dip, instead of dipping chips try raw veggies.


Eggs contain protein and eating one a day can make hunger go away. It is also better at making you feel full than bagel and other carbohydrate food. An egg is packed with vital nutrients and 7 grams of protein. Digesting eggs can help you burn more calories, much faster than consuming a heavy meal of carbohydrate.


Oatmeal is a fiber rich food, so eating them every breakfast or when you are hungry is not a bad idea. It is great to eat hot, and we tend to eat slower when our food is hot. That’s why you will feel satisfied right away. And because it is also loaded with water, you can feel full longer too. When buying oatmeal do not buy sweetened oatmeal, choice whole grain oats. To make it more flavorful and taste good, use nutmeg, cinnamon or fruits to give it a sweet taste rather than sugar.


Yes, you read it right. Coffee, the most loved beverages in the morning, can help you also lose weight by revving up your metabolism. Coffee can stimulate the metabolism and not just keep you active and awake at night. So, if you drink coffee regularly do not stop to keep your metabolism working.

Rye Crackers or Crispbreads

Crispbreads also called whole grain crackers is low in fat but with packed with fiber. It is a wonderful alternative to regular crackers. Studies show that people who consumed whole grains have less belly fat compared to those who prefer refined grains. Whole grain is a better alternative for it is rich in nutrients. So, switch to whole grain, not with crackers but also in pastas, cereals, and breads.

Best Fat Fighting Foods

There are food foods that can help you fight fat such as tabouli, nuts, lean meat, fish, skim milk and beans. There are also meals that you can make that will help you prevent adding more fat into your body like soup. I’m talking about broth based not the creamy type of soup.

Salad can also help you feel full. Lettuce contains plenty of water so you can eat much without adding weight. When making salad, choose your dressing, there are dressings that can make you gain weight. The best salad dressing is black bean dip, hummus and salsa. You may also use vinegar and oil for your salad dressing. Vinegar helps the body break down fat, so you are making your salad flavorful and also satisfying your hunger without the added calories.

If you are hungry, snacking on nuts can curb hunger. This is a perfect food for between meals. It is high in fiber, protein and good for the heart. Skim milk is a good alternative to whole milk since there is no fat just calcium and protein. This milk can make you feel full longer because of the protein content.

Top sirloin, flank steak and chicken breast are good to eat when you are trying to lose weight. These meats are low in fat, and most importantly they can help you burn more calories. Aside from meat, fish like herring and salmon is a better alternative to beef or chicken. They are high in protein and low in fat. Beans are a great source of fiber and protein. This is why you can feel full without adding too many calories. They are great for salad or soup, and even dip.

These fat fighting foods can help you lose and prevent weight gain. And when accompanied with an excellent detoxification and loss weight program you can lose weight in no time.

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fat fighting foods

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