6 Ways to Increase Facebook Business Page Fans

using facebook for businessDo you have a facebook business page? Would you like to increase your fan page followers? If you have business or fan page then you know how important it is to have a large following or fan. Unfortunately, it is not easy to gain followers because they do not appear magically once you created a page. You need to lure people to your page to get a lot of fans in Facebook.

Getting people to like your page is a tough job. But there are ways that could help you attract people to your page. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the ways that will drive people to your Facebook business page. By the way, most people that created their first page used to think that having so many friends in Facebook is not. They could just invite all their friends to like the new page. Let me tell you know, this strategy most of the time do not work. Majority of your Facebook friends will not like your page and asking them again and again will just leave you frustrated.

Here are some of the ways to help you increase your Facebook fans.

1. Embed Widgets

Facebook has different social plugins that you can place on your blog and website. These plugins display the like button and current number of fans. When you place a plugin on your website and someone liked your article enough to want to get the latest updates they will clicked on your “Like” box.

2. Add Link To Your Email Signature

If you are one of the many people that uses email signature block, you can promote your Facebook business page every time you send out an email. This is easy to do, even a kid can create an email signature with a link to business or fan page.

3. Make A Video

Creating a welcome video is a good idea. You can explain to your audience what the fan page is about and why they should like your page. A really good video could definitely increase your fans because people liked pages that interest them.

4. Allow People to Tag Your Photos

If you post photos of interesting things or into hosting live events, you can use the photos from the events to encourage people to like your page. People on the photos would often tag themselves especially when the event is the talk of the town. When people tag themselves it will show in their timeline and in their friends news feeds, you get free publicity.

5. Run A Contest

Some businesses run a contest on their Facebook business page. You can do the same, but better check the promotional guidelines of Facebook because there have been changes recently. Many websites run content using app that require users with facebook account to become your fan to enter the sweepstakes, contests or competition.

6. Place Ads

The changes last July has made it necessary for small businesses to place advertising ads to get more exposure. Gone are the days when you market without restriction in Facebook. Today, it is wise to place ads to get in the news feeds of Facebook users that are in your target market.

These are just some of the ways that could help you increase your fans faster. Facebook business page owner should consider their advertising method to maximize the marketing tools of the site.

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