Facebook Messenger App is Not Invading Anyone’s Privacy

using facebook for businessAre you using an android or iPhone? Many users did not like the change that Facebook imposed on smartphone users. Recently, the #1 social media website have forced smartphone users to download the stand-alone messenger app. Downloading the Facebook messenger app will enable them to continue chatting with family and friends. But this change backlash because of the news that the app is invading the user’s privacy or the change is part of a conspiracy to track user’s actions.

The news that Facebook is spying using the Facebook messenger app is not true. So, do not freak out. Everyone hates changes and the people behind Facebook well aware of the problem. Most people hated the timeline, the news feed and other changes. Nevertheless, the big guys took the plunge and went ahead.

Take note, the backlash is simply because of some erroneous reports that the new app privacy and permission setting is being used for spying. That’s why many people are upset with the Facebook change. They hated downloading the messenger app as they don’t want to give the site permission to access their microphone and camera.

In reality, Facebook messenger app is not a spying tool like what some people are shouting out. How did I know? Sit down and think for a minute. By the way, I’m no expert I just based my opinion on how apps privacy setting works. Allow me to also say that Android permission to access is not easy to understand. It’s probably why some people are confused. It’s understandable even I get confused a lot of times.

Based on my research, the Facebook messenger app is not a spying tool. The permission on new app has not been changed. If you previously installed the messenger app before and have agreed to give permission to access, you are still just doing the same thing now with the new app.

I suggest reading the Facebook messenger permission to access on the site web page to better understand. Many people got confused when they install the app from Google play. They got scared of the app list of permission that users need to allow. Reading the permissions the first time also scared me and many others because of the description. In order to give you an example to better understand that it’s just a misunderstanding. Allow me to explain further.

On the new Facebook messenger app, you need to give access to the following:


They are asking for your identity to read your contact card and find accounts on your device. Why? Well, if you already installed Facebook on your phone before, the app can just grab your information on the device. It saves you the trouble of signing in again.


When it comes to location, the app is asking for your approximate and precise location so your phone can give your location. The permission to access will allow the app to get your exact location from your network and GPS. It also allows you to send your location to other people on your list.


Why they are asking permission to access your contacts? They are asking so you can send a message to anyone on your address book. It would be impossible to send a message when you do not provide permission to your contacts.

I hope this article helped you understand the facebook messenger app permission to access. I only discussed three, but they are the most important.

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