Product Research – How to Go About it & Where to Look

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online because of the wide range of products available to promote. Struggling bloggers who wanted to earn more can branch out and try affiliate promotions. However, before you experiment with affiliate marketing it is best that you do a product research first before getting into it. But of course, before you can start product research you need to know how to go about it and where to look.

There are numerous challenges that an affiliate marketer must overcome to be successful in this field, and choosing the product is one of the challenges you need to overcome. In fact, choosing the right product is crucial to succeed in affiliate marketing as the right product can help you succeed, but the wrong product can only destroy your reputation as a blogger so make sure you do a product research.

By the way, choosing an affiliate product to promote is only challenging because of the numerous options available. Nonetheless, the wide range of options should not turn you off because as I have said over and over again, the right product can help draw an audience more so when you also stick to your niche.

Product Research – How to Go About It & Where To Look

It is also important that you promote high quality product only because promoting low quality product can hurt you in the end. Keep in mind that your readers trust you and your site, when you promote low quality stuff your blog can be affected because your readers will no longer trust your opinion.

So, start your product research to find the right product to promote.

How to Find The Right Product to Promote

Finding the right product is easy as 1, 2 and 3… especially when you do the following things below:

1. Google it – You can find almost anything you want at Google, especially the product that you can promote, so Google it. Type the keywords into the search box to get an idea about what product are relevant to your blog.

2. Check Your Competition – Checking out the website of your competitor can give you an idea. When you take a quick look at their sidebar, you will see the services and product they are promoting. You can also promote the affiliate products they are promoting but only the product relevant to your blog.

3. Google Adsense Ads Reveal Potential Affiliate Product – Clicking Adsense ads (on other site not your blog) can reveal possible affiliate partners. This is because when you click on Adsense ads it will reveal different products that some even comes with affiliate programs that you probably have never heard of before.

4. Check Online Stores for Affiliate Products – Amazon, eBay and other online stores promote products of affiliate programs. If you are new into affiliate marketing, you should definitely check out online stores like Amazon as their wide range of products can help you find the right product to promote.

5. Check Out Affiliate Networks – Checking out Commission Junction, Clickbank, MarketLeverage and other popular affiliate networks can reveal affiliate programs that match your blog perfectly.

1 thought on “Product Research – How to Go About it & Where to Look”

  1. Torsten Müller

    A great post on where to find products to promote.

    Two more methods to find products that come straight away to my mind are:

    1. Checking websites like Muncheye to find new product launches 2. Subscribing to other marketer’s email list to see what they are promoting


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