How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is a popular video sharing website owned by Google. The site allows its members to upload videos for public viewing. People who registered on YouTube can post just about anything they want, from beginners to professional videos. The popularity of YouTube has absolutely skyrocketed since its release nine years ago as users can also earn from their posted videos. Many people have already made money from YouTube partnership program, probably why some people are wondering about how to make money on YouTube.

People from all walks of life post videos on YouTube to become popular or simply to make money from their videos. Some businesses also post promotional videos as this site also great for advertising new services and products. For people who only wanted to make money from YouTube, they can but they have to apply to YouTube Partnership Program.

By the way, it is possible to make money from YouTube, but if you are looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme then this site is not for you. You can make money on YouTube by posting videos and having advertising on it, but it takes more than just a good video to really make money on this site. For one, you need to have a large collection of videos, strong subscribers based, and regular views to earn decent revenue as payment often low.

Furthermore, you need to apply to YouTube Partnership Program to have adverts on your videos. And YouTube has criteria that must be meet, so even if your channel has large views and subscribers, there is no guarantee that you can make money from the site as you need to become a partner first.

How to Make Money on YouTube

To make money on YouTube, you need to become their partner first. So, you must submit an application to YouTube Partnership Program. There are guidelines on their website, so do check their website for complete information. But their most important rules are that the videos you will post must be unique, you have no previous bans and your account are in good standing. Anyway, you can easily qualify if you meet all these criteria and your channel followers are strong already.

How to Make Money on YouTube Ads

In order to make a decent income from this site, you must have a large subscribers and views on your channel. In fact, your chances of making a substantial amount every month depend on your channel traffic. That’s why, you need to build traffic first for your channel to make money, and if you are new to YouTube it is also best to build strong subscribers first before applying to get accepted right away to YouTube Partnership Program.

How to Make Money on YouTube with Ads

To make money on YouTube, your videos must have ads. And you can have advertisement running on your videos if you are a YouTube partner. A lot of people make money on YouTube easily, especially when they have a large traffic. They pay their partners (you) a percentage of the profits that come from the ads. Take note, the amount of money YouTube partners receive vary as the amount depends on the number of clicks and impressions your videos will attain.

Google Adsense will process the earning of your videos, so you must create an Adsense account as well as you need to link it to your YouTube account. Adsense will be the one to calculate the number of clicks and views that your ads on the videos receive. However, you will only receive payment once you reach their payment threshold. The threshold is the minimum amount you need to earn.

You can receive the payment via wire transfer, western union, check or thru Paypal.

How to Make Money on YouTube for Free

Today, it is easy to make money on your video as you only need to enable the YouTube Partnership Program by clicking the monetization tab. You can find the tab in the setting area. If YouTube before has not banned your account, you can click the button. But if you have been reported or banned in the past, an error message will appear instead of the “YouTube Monetization Agreement.

YouTube will process your application once you hit the enable monetization tab, but the approval can take months. Once your application rejected, you have to wait for about two months before you can reapply again.

How to Make Money on YouTube Videos

Below are tips to make a video for YouTube, videos that will bring decent earnings and strong subscriber.

  1. When uploading videos make sure you add the proper tags.
  2. Upload videos regularly to get a lot of followers.
  3. Make sure your videos content high quality and clear.
  4. Create an account on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc to advertise your videos.
  5. Upload unique and popular videos.
  6. Determine the best niche for your channel.
  7. Use Google Adsense Keyword tool to get more people to visit your channel.
  8. Edit your videos carefully.
  9. Market your videos by sharing your link on social mediate sites and your blog to increase your traffic and for people to know your channel exists. Do not just put your cool videos on YouTube.

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