How to Make Money on Facebook

Facebook is a social network site, a place for people to connect and share information. It can also be a site for reliable source of extra income. Many people make money online through Facebook, you can do the same. On the #1 social network site anyone can make money with some work and smart approach. This article talks about how to make money on Facebook.

The most effective ways to make money on social media site is to post good content and not just one but a lot of it. Great posts that have wonderful images and links can help you succeed with your home based business. A lot of people make money on Facebook by posting their products and services. So, consider opening an account so you can posts content that will get other users attention. But of course, don’t expect immediate result give it time. Posting content regularly will build interest on your account or fan page overtime. The best way to make money online using Facebook is to work persistently and aggressively.

How to Make Money Using Facebook

The first thing you need to do is find an affiliate programs that pays commission on the business you generate. You need to join an affiliate programs especially when you do not have any existing products or services to promote. But if you have then you can start advertising on Facebook right away.

Amazon and eBay have excellent affiliate programs. They pay a commission on any purchases made after a person clicked a link with your unique ID. iTunes also has an affiliate programs that you can make money from.

Once you have decided on the affiliate program to promote sign up. Most of the good affiliate programs are free. It also takes only a few minutes to sign up as an affiliate marketer. By the way, it is best that you create an account for each affiliate program so people will not be confused with the different product you are promoting.

Post regularly on your Facebook account so you can gain followers. Your post should have links to your affiliate products so whenever a person clicks your link and take action you earn money. Promoting your affiliate programs on Facebook by posting daily can increase your chance to make a sale.

Have you heard of e-book? E-books are books publish online and distributed electronically. Publishing books online is free so anybody can write an e-book. If you have an idea, information or tips you want to share, it is best that you write it down. For example, you love crochet and have tips and tricks that will help people. Write an e-book that teaches a person the tips and tricks on crochet. Sell your ebook by promoting it on social network like Facebook and Twitter.

With Facebook, you already have an audience so all you need is a product or service to promote to make money. Affiliate marketing is one of the popular ways to make money online. Promoting your affiliate products or services on Facebook is one of the ways to earn extra income monthly online.


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  1. Great article! These are some awesome tips. Though my website is where I make MOST of my affiliate sales, I also found using Facebook is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to affiliate offers.

    I started using Facebook only a few months ago, but I literally saw INSTANT traffic, and nearly instant sales. Granted, i did have a bit of Internet Marketing experience beforehand, but it’s so EASY literally anybody could get started. With Facebook’s new updates, you can literally pinpoint targeted customers. I’ve made over 100+ sales a day using Facebook. If you want to check out the free tool I use to target prospects, you can here:

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