Effects of Quitting Smoking on Appearance

In my previous post, I talked about what smoking does to you. Today, my post is about the physical effects of quitting smoking. If you are a smoker and you wish to improve your looks, quitting smoking can help.

Cigarette contains over 4,000 chemical and at least 250 of them are considered harmful and dangerous. This is according to CDCP or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The potential danger of smoking cigarette alone should motivate you to quit. But if not, there are other reasons why you need to stop smoking.

For one, smoking is can cause lung cancer. In fact, 90% of men diagnosed with lung cancer are smokers. If benefit to the health is not a good enough motivation how about the fact that smoking can improve your appearance. When you quit smoking the blood will blows better, and so your skin will get the essential nutrients and oxygen it needs to look and stay younger looking. In case you are not aware, smoking affects your skin as it causes blotches, and stains the nails and fingers. Quitting smoking is necessary when you want to look good even without makeup.

Physical Effects of Quitting Smoking

Improve Skin Complexion

Quitting smoking has many advantages, but the most obvious is the way it helps improves your appearance. When you quit, the skin becomes more resistant to early signs of aging. You can once again have a healthier complexion when you quit smoking. If you already have age spot and wrinkles, there are creams or skin care products that can minimize the damages that smoking did to the skin.

There are also other skin care procedure like chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing to remove the layers of skin that has been damaged from years of abuse.

Positive Effects of Quitting Smoking

Aside from improving your appearance quitting smoking can also reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Research shows that smoking weakened the bones, leaving you at greater risk for bone damages including spine problem. So, if you do not wish to have brittle bones, I suggest you quit smoking now.

Cigarette contains chemicals that affect almost every organ in the body especially the heart. When you smoke, you deprive the body of oxygen and cause the arteries to clog. The reduced blood flow can affect your heart and even cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Quitting smoking will improve and restore proper blood circulation so the risk of dying from heart disease will also decrease.

Smokers tend to have poor circulation so it is not unusual to see them always out of breath. This is because cigarette’s content can affect the lungs and heart. When you stop smoking, you can improve your blood circulation and your heart rate will improve. You will no longer experience shortness of breath.

Quitting smoking has many advantages. The effect of quitting smoking on your appearance and overall health should encourage you to stop smoking. If you have quit already, may this article zeal your commitment to stay away from cigarettes.

On my next post, I’ll be talking about quitting smoking can reduce the risk of illness and how you can stop smoking.

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