Effect of Smoking on Health

Effect of Smoking

Quitting smoking is not easy, but it is something that you need to do today not the next day. Why? Smoking can change your appearance and overall health. Lung cancer is a top killer in the United States. And 9 out of the 10 people who die from the disease are heavy smokers. Smoking cigarettes is risky for they can damage the lungs in several ways. Quitting smoking is tough, but not impossible to do. This article talks about the effect of smoking on overall health.

Whether you smoke one stick or pack a day, you should stop smoking. It is not easy, but there are options that could make the process easier. All you need to do is create a game plan so you can break your cigarette addiction. There are millions of people who have kicked the bad habit for good and you can be one of them. The effect of smoking on your overall health is significant.

Effect of Smoking

Below are some of the effects of smoking to the body.

Early Menopause

Women who smoke a day can experience early menopause. The menstrual cycle stop around the age of 50. Their hormones decline faster so they experience earlier menopause than those who do not smoke. In fact, women who smoked a lot for many years can experience the strongest effect of smoking in their health.

Oral Cancer

Smokers are more susceptible to developing oral cancer than those who do not smoke. The risk is even greater if they also drink heavily. Oral cancer symptoms include sore patch on the lips, gums, tongue or other areas of the mouth that does not go away immediately and also painful.
When you quit smoking the risk of developing oral cancer is also lessen substantially in just a few years.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer as said early is a killer disease in the United States. The cancer is a top killer of women and men. When you smoke the lungs gets damage in many ways, making people susceptible to infections and other health problems.

there are many effects of smoking to the body. Cigarettes can increase the process of aging so you look older than your age. it also cause bad breath, skin discoloration and many more. So, quitting is really necessary.

Effect of Smoking 2

How Quitting Smoking Can Improve the Health

20 minutes after you quit smoking, the heart rate and blood pressure return to normal. Within a day or 24 hours the risk of heart attack also declines. After one week, the body starts to work on removing irritants out of your lungs. Within a year, the risk of developing heart disease will also drop significantly. The risk reduces to half of the risk level of those who still smoke. In 10 years, the risk drops down to the level of those who do not smoke cigarette.

It is Possible to Quit?

Yes, it is possible to quit smoking cigarette. And it is true that quitting smoking is difficult but never impossible. There are over 48 million people who have quit and if they can do it, there is no doubt that you can too. In order to make things less difficult for you, ask your doctor about the best way to give up smoking.

How to Quit Smoking

There are ways to quit smoking but the best way is to reduce the triggers or urges that push you to smoke. Take note, smoking is a habit develop over the years. This habit can be overcome when you ignore the cravings. Cigarette cravings will tempt, you but the cravings will pass you just need to wait it out.

There are ways to stop cravings. For example, avoiding tempting situation and distraction can help take the mind of smoking. Reminding yourself about the effect of smoking is also another way to quit smoking.

Improving the health or becoming health conscious is another way to quit smoking. Taking health supplements to improve the body and mind is also another way to stay healthy and happy.

Taking Forever Living products is a good way to boost body resistance. If you live a healthy lifestyle, you can avoid the effect of smoking.

Below are some of the Forever Living Products that could help reduce the effect of smoking.

Aloe Vera Gel

Health drinks like Forever Aloe Vera Gel help improved digestive system. Drinking one glass a day will help remove toxins that cause our skin to look older.

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Forever Absorbent C

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Absorbent C is a supplement that contains powerful antioxidant to ensure a healthy lifestyle.  Taking vitamin C is important for people who smokes to combat the ill effect of smoking cigarettes.

Forever Garlic Thyme

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  1. Great! To the people behind this post, thanks a lot for sharing this post. I really appreciate the effort of making this kind of post.Smoking is injurious for health. This is the fact a=but After knowing also I don’t understand why they can’t stop smoking. From my side whenever I find people smoking in public place I used to tell them not to smoke as it is bad for the person who is standing in fornt of smoker.

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