Back Pain Myths Debunked

Are you feeling a sharp stab in your back? Young and adult can experience back pain since it is a common problem. In fact, study shows eight out ten people suffer from back pain because no one is exempted. If you are not yet experiencing a dull ache, sooner or later you will feel it.

Back pain is for real, but not the myths surrounding this health problem. Let’s discuss some of the popular myths and debunk it.

Myth #1 Sit Up Straight

When I was a kid, I often hear my mom say, sit up straight, don’t slouch or you will strain your back. Unfortunately, sitting even with your back straight for long periods can still bring a sharp stab on the back, sometimes even faster than slouching. The best way to avoid straining your back is to stand up every now and then, even if you are busy working or reading. If you are on the phone and you are feeling the strain, lean back in the chair and get your feet up a bit, it will help relieve the dull ache you are starting to feel.

Myth #2 Heavy Objects Are Bad For the Back

If you think lifting heavy object can hurt your back, well, think again. The problem is not how heavy the object your lifting is but how you lift that makes a difference. I’m not saying you should try to lift cars or truck, or anything heavier than you but a box full of your stuff is not going to hurt or break your back when you lift it right.

So, how do you lift heavy object without hurting your back? Very easy, when you lift an object, squat close to it with the back straight and the head held high. Stand using your legs to lift the heavy object, and not with your back. Avoid twisting or bending the body while you are lifting because doing so can hurt your back. Now that you know how to properly lift heavy object, the next time you want to move furniture or anything heavy, don’t ask the hubby or wife, just simply lift it properly.

Myth #3 Bed Rest is the Cure for Back Pain

Resting can certainly help decrease strain on back and speed up acute injury, but staying in bed for a long period, as in more than 2 days can make the problem worse. Try sleeping for24 hours, your body will feel weird and tired even though you are just lying the whole time. So, forget about the myth that dictates you should be in bed for long periods when you strain your back because you will just worsen your condition.

Myth #4 Exercise is Bad for Dull Ache

Exercising is bad for back pain is the biggest lie, because regular workout prevents pain, especially back pain. In fact, strain in the back is very common for people who do not work out, always just sitting and laying in bed, and out of shape. I’m sorry to say this, but the extra pounds in your body increase your back pain. That’s is why, exercise is recommended by doctors, even those who are suffering from an acute injury that resulted in back pain are advice to undergo physical therapy, wherein they are given exercise programs suitable for their condition.

So, people stop using back pain as an excuse not to stay fit, get your butt up and start moving around. Obesity can definitely stress the back and cause back pain.

Aside from exercising regularly, chiropractic care according to the American Pain Society also help lower back pain. Acupuncture may also relieve the pain in your back that self-care fails to do. Yoga, cognitive behavioral treatment, relaxation are also some of the things that can help alleviate back pain.

Taking vitamins and natural supplements also help and even advice by doctors. Today, tons of natural supplements that can help the body stay fit and more back pain tolerant available in the market, you just have to find the best one.

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