How To Prevent Alzheimer Disease

What is Alzheimers DiseaseAlzheimer’s disease is a dreaded disease since this neurological disorder can cause cognitive decline and memory loss. For years, doctors have emphasized that Alzheimer is part of growing old and that there is no cure, in which both are true. The disease affects adult and there is no pharmaceutical cure yet, but there are ways to reduce the risk, slow it down, or reverse the process of memory deterioration.

What Is Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a neurological disorder that causes cognitive decline and memory loss. Alzheimer is a disease that slowly kills the brain cell. In the United States, according to a researched, some 4.7 million adults are living with the disease.

Alzheimer Symptoms

1. Inability to remember and take in new information such as misplacing personal stuff, forgetting appointments or events, repetitive conversations or questions and getting lost on route familiar with them are just some of the examples of the problem people with Alzheimer deals with from time to time.

2. People with Alzheimer have problem-understanding simple task, have poor reasoning ability and exercising judgment.

3. Alzheimer disease also impairs a person ability to recognize objects or faces.

4. The disease can also make reading, writing, and speaking difficult, as they cannot remember common words and letters.

5. A person with Alzheimer also suffers changes in behavior and personality. They are often agitated, compulsive, socially withdrawn, and less interested in their surroundings.

How to Reduce the Symptoms of Alzheimer

There is no cure for Alzheimer, but study shows it is possible to delay or prevent symptoms of the disease. In other words, you can prevent Alzheimer symptoms from taking over your mind and body. In fact, you can start boosting your brain cells as early as now, there is no need to wait until you are older and it is never too late to keep the brain healthy.

The health of your brain depends on many factors, and most of the factors are controllable, except genes. Lifestyle and diet are factors that you can control, and can work on for a healthier brain.

The following are some of the things you can do to prevent or slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer.

Regular Exercise

Physical exercise helps keep the body healthy and strong. It also reduces the risk of developing the disease by at least 50%. Those who have started showing signs of cognitive problems can help themselves by exercising to slow down the disease.

If exercising is too much, find a way to move more. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, carrying groceries, walking to the parking lot or around the block can help you. Being inactive will only worsen your problem as you mind is not busy.

Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is important as the brain needs to rest to function at optimum level. When you deprive your brain of rest, you could slow down your thinking ability, thus your risk of developing Alzheimer symptoms is high.

Active Social Life

Active social life studies shows may help slow down Alzheimer disease significantly. So, visit your friends, do volunteer work in your neighborhood, take a hobby, join a social club or do any activity that will connect you to people and help the brain stay active.

Stress Management

Stress is a killer, no doubt about it. But if stress does not kill you, it can increase your risk of developing Alzheimer and dementia. That’s why, it is important to keep stress under control, which you can easily do by relaxing, walking in the park, playing with your kids or pet, exercising and soaking in a bath surely help. Yoga is also a proven stress buster, so include yoga in your activity.

Mental Stimulation

Staying mentally active will surely help slow down or even prevent the development of Alzheimer and dementia as you are keeping the brain functioning. If you are not using your brain, you can lose it faster. So, play games that exercise the brain such as Sudoku, scrabble, crossword puzzle, or cards. Any games that help retain cognitive ability and provide a good mental workout.

Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is important. Current studies show that a healthy diet may protect the brain from losing its function. In fact, a healthy diet is necessary to keep the body fit and mental health at optimum level, whatever your age. A diet rich in vegetables, fish, fruits, grains, and nuts are advisable.

Taking food supplements can also help ensure you are getting enough folic acid, magnesium, vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and fish oil that can improve your brain’s health. Consult your doctor for the best food supplement.

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There are other Forever Living nutritional supplements and drinks that can be taken daily prevent or reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer disease.

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