5 Facebook Advertising Tips

using facebook for businessFacebook is social media websites with the most number of users, making it a great place to advertise and showcase your new brand. A lot of small business used the website to attract new customers and increase their website traffic. Marketing on Facebook is advantageous, but you have to use the website advertising tool correctly to get the most benefit out of it.
Businesses advertised to boost their sales and introduced new products. And Facebook, the most popular media website is a great place to start. Advertising in Facebook is more cost effective more so when you know how to use the site advertising tool to your business advantage.

Facebook Advertising Tips

In order to help you boost your advertising performance, here are facebook advertising tips to use on your next campaign.

Don’t Forget Your Facebook Business Page

Using Facebook ads to boost your sales is a good idea but don’t forget your business page. Some businesses just rely on their Facebook ads that they overlook the fact that their business page can also increase their sales and credibility. Updating your page can also increase your overall marketing efforts, which is crucial if you wish fans to continue supporting your business and page.

That’s why, maintain a superb timeline to engage your fans and ensure continued support from them.

Pick Out The Right Format

There is no doubt that your main objective is increase sales or site conversion. If this is the case, choosing the proper page format is necessary. If your goal is to generate more connection, take advantage of page post photo. You can get a higher percentage of CTR with page post photo.

Aside from page post photo you can also use page post link ads. With page post link ads, you can generate higher conversion rate. But if you wish to target both, combining the two can give you maximum benefit from your advertising campaign.

Get A Separate Ads for Mobile Users

It is best if you create a separate campaign for Facebook users. You can evaluate your campaign performances when you divide the desktop from mobile users. It is also much easier to strategize your campaign when you are not targeting two devices on a single campaign.

Consider All Potential Customers

Geo-location marketing is helpful to your overall marketing strategy. Why? When you consider all potential clients and not just your current market, it will be easier for you in the future to open a new market. I’m sure you would want to expand in the future, so allocating one ad per geo-location is a good strategy. You will even optimize your return of investment when you create an ad per ge0-location.

Define Your Objectives

Facebook offers diverse opportunities for advertisers. So, it is best that you set your objective immediately so you can plan and prepare for your campaign. If you want to create brand awareness and increase fan base, start with the standard ads. The standard marketplace ads are directly connected to your Facebook Business Page, it allows users to like your business page from your ad unit. But if you already have a large number of fan base then it is best to use sponsored story ad. This ad will be seen by your fans or friends who have already liked your Business Page.

Using Facebook advertising tool correctly can maximize your investment in advertising. It will also ensure your money is well-spent and not just thrown away on marketing strategy that didn’t yield anything.

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