Why Email Marketing Matters?

No matter what kind of business you own or run, in today’s modern age, email marketing is one of the most important means by which your company can drive sales while maintaining and growing its customer base.

Email Marketing Is for Every Business


First of all, you need to disabuse yourself of the notion that Email Marketing only works for online businesses, such as websites with stores and digital service providers.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Although online businesses, by nature, reach out to their customers electronically, brick-and-mortar businesses should be doing the same as well. Not only are effective email marketing campaigns free (excluding the cost of staff time to compose the email and compile the recipient list), but they can provide a nearly instant return on your advertising efforts.

That recipient list, by the way, should be updated regularly, but can be reused, making its initial input a one-time expense. Email marketing allows you to reach your customers at home, on their cellphones or mobile devices, and keep your business in their minds.

Create Your List

Once you’ve decided that you want to use email promotions or newsletters in communicating with your customer base, the next step is creating a list of those who would like to receive promotional and business update emails. If you have a physical business, placing a sign-up form near the point of sale or other high traffic area is a great start.  email-subject-line-copy

You also need to use your online presence, however small, to sign customers up. Your opt-in page should be simple, easy to use, and accessible from other parts of your website. The page should have a clear, obvious headline indicating exactly how to sign up for your email list.

These can include customer testimonials or screenshots of social media mentions and reviews. The page itself should include text or graphics that outline the benefits of signing up for your mailing list. Do you offer special discounts or the ability for pre-ordering or preferential scheduling to email list clientele? This is where you should highlight those perks.

Make sure to use strong yet polite language in telling your visitors to sign up for your email list directly above the field where they can input their email address.

Giving them some options for frequency of email contact(daily, weekly, monthly, or only major sales, as an example) may help overcome any hesitation to subscribe. Additionally, a one-time perk or discount (even just 5 percent off) may help drive people to sign up.

Subscriber Frequency Options 

Once you have a decent size email list, make sure to utilize it to your company’s benefit without abusing the trust your recipients have placed in you. Most companies flood their customers with generic emails on a daily basis, which could cause inconvenience. Don’t over send emails or you could have people constantly unsubscribing from your email list.

This is where giving your subscribers a frequency option helps; you’ll know from the first day how much contact they want. Most customers don’t want to receive more than one email a week from a business, and even that may be too much. Make sure your emails have something of value to your readers, whether it’s a discount or a link to fresh, useful content on your website. Most importantly, always follow through on promotions, discounts, or offers you currently have and put them in your emails.

If customers associate your business emails with great offers and exclusive updates for new products or services, they will be far more likely to open the email and click the links to your site. Make sure your sender is named (not just a donotreply@url email), and that your subject line is relevant and engaging.

Let your subscribers know how they can benefit from opening your emails. Avoid using exaggerated rhetoric (“Could not reading this email lead to financial devastation?”) or overly-personal subject lines (“Hey, buddy, how’s it going?”). Instead, be brief, original, and straightforward (“This is our biggest discount on X product all year!”).

Get to the Point!

Most business emails are to convince your subscribers to take action, whether it is to sign up for a special offer or to respond with specific information. The target outcome of what you want your subscribers to do is called the email’s call-to-action (CTA), and it should be stated as clearly and uniquely as possible within the body of your email.

To maximize the effectiveness of your emails, make certain that they get to the point quickly. Use brief sentences or bullet points whenever possible, and clearly state your call-to-action so that your readers understand your intentions as quickly and clearly as possible.

Using Emotion to Connect

One of the most effective ways to get your message across to your readers is to connect with them on an emotional level. This is most often achieved by sharing a personal story. People love stories and are most likely to read to the end of your email if there is some personal lesson to express or point to be made.

You can increase the effectiveness and popularity of your emails by including details about your personal life, your family, your career, education, and other experiences that make your readers care about what you have to say.

Building Relationships with a Goal in Mind

The best way to gain the trust of your email readers is to ask for it. By sharing personal stories and connecting with them on an emotional level and providing high-value content, you can make them glad that they read your email. Now seal the deal by asking for their trust and friendship.

This doesn’t need to be as frank as asking your readers if they will be your friend. Instead, ask them to join you in some cause or to show they care about what you are saying to them by following your CTA.

Always keep the tone friendly and helpful even though these are business emails, so that your readers can feel invited to consider you a trusted friend rather than just another sales person.

If you need help coming up with strong subject lines, there is help available online! Following these suggestions can go a long way toward boosting the impact of your email marketing campaigns.


About Wael Kaheel

Wael Kaheel started his career as a flight attendant and for 11 years he traveled the world, meeting new people every day, until one of those days, he decided to become a first class passenger! After he resigned from the airlines, he jumped from one business to another. He had success most of the time and crisis at others. After getting back into internet marketing, he was able to find success doing what he loves. Take his “Email Marketing Advantage” course and take the next step in your business right now. Plus, download 100 free email subject lines today …

4 thoughts on “Why Email Marketing Matters?”

  1. Torsten Mueller

    Hi Wael,

    I agree with you, email marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business, whether online or offline.

    Unfortunately too many people who are just starting out with their new business neglect this for of marketing, and will leave a lot of money on the table.

    Thanks for sharing it,

    1. Hey Torsten, yes building an email list is essential. As you said whether online or offline. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Wael,

    When I first started out on the internet I didn’t know anything, and everyone was saying ‘build a list’. So I signed up with Aweber and I built a list of over 400 people fairly quickly. I guess they liked what I wrote on my blog! However, I didn’t actually know what to do with the list once I had it. It took me quite a long time to realise I had to engage with them!

    Enjoy the journey!

  3. Hi Mandy,

    Thank you for sharing your experience, i had almost same experience with you
    when first started back in 2007. My subscribers was about 160 all came from an
    optin page and i sent them the download page and that was it. Never email them
    again and i was wondering why no one purchase anything …

    Of course later on i came back to internet marketing and start learning it the right way.
    Today i find the best way to really engage with our subscribers is to get them into
    1 on 1 free call, get to understand their need and build a good relationship.

    Thanks again …

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