How to Make Money from A Website

Looking for ways to make money on your website? Many people with websites are not making money from their site which is sad. There are two ways to make money from a website through advertising revenue and selling products and services. A lot of people make money from selling other people’s goods and services. But I won’t be talking about affiliate marketing, but will address the subject of advertising revenue. This article discusses how to make money from a website through advertisement.

How to Make Money from A Website

If you notice many websites have advertisements banner displayed on their pages. This is because anyone with a blog or website can have Google Adsense displayed on their site. You don’t have to be a famous blogger or website owner to get advertisers. But of course, well known companies and celebrities can get more advertisers on their site. Being famous has its advantages. Nevertheless, an unknown site can still get advertisers as long as the site allows advertisement.

Google Adsense has the best advertising program. It is easy to get ads on your website with Google just sign up. Once approve, Google ads will be placed on your website. The type of ads depends on your content or targeted audience to get better returns. In other words, you have no control over the ads shown. The ads shown also differ on your visitor for Google shows ads based on users history.

Aside from Google adsense, you can also join affiliate networks. What is an affiliate network? It is an intermediary wherein you can sign up to get advertisement on your website without dealing personally with individual companies.

What Are the Different Payment Schemes?

Website owners should be aware of the payment schemes to avoid disappointment. It is best that before you join any advertisement program, you know what to expect.

CPM or Pay Per Impression

This is the type of advertisement wherein you are paid according to the times your advertiser’s banner get displayed on your website. The amount you will earn for CPM depends on the number of visitors you have per month. The more visitors you have the better for you as you get paid per thousand impressions.

PPC or Pay Per Click

PPC is a type of ads where you are paid every time a visitor clicks an advertisement banner on your site. The amount paid for PPC is much higher than CPM because of its higher conversion value. This is much better than CPM if your website has high traffic but not when you have poor traffic. After all, you only get paid when someone clicked on your banner.

CPA or Pay Per Sale

Pay Pay Sale gives the higher payment rate but you only earn with CPA when someone click your advertiser’s banner and purchase or take some other action. In other words, visitors must take action for you to earn anything. If they don’t click and sign up or buy anything, you don’t earn anything.

Most advertisers have a threshold. With Google Adsense you need to reach $100 to get paid. The payment threshold depends on the affiliate network or advertisement programs. So, if you want to make money from your website choose wisely the ads program you will join.

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