How Clickbank Products Works

Clickbank is the most popular, biggest affiliate marketing network in the world. You can find different products, for all niches, and in different prices, available for affiliate marketers who are looking to make money on the internet. If you are a newbie, wondering about how clickbank products works, you can find the information you need to get started in this post so continue reading.

Clickbank is very popular for they provide commissions from 10% to 70% and sometimes even more. The wide range of commissions, products for all niches makes Clickbank the best place to get started. Registering with Clickbank as an affiliate can give you additional income online.

By the way, Clickbank is an online portal that started in 1998. The portal allows users to post the services or products they are selling. The platform provides an opportunity for people who wanted to sell their products but do not have the means, the time to do so or they do not intend to be a seller. Clickbank provided a place for people who want to access the internet marketplace without the usual problems of internet sellers.

Now that you have a clear idea of what is Clickbank, lets talk about how Clickbank products works so you can get started earning money.

How Clickbank Products Works

The first thing you need to do is go to their website and register, don’t worry registering is free. Once done with the registration, wait for Clickbank approval. While you are waiting for the approval, read the ground rules to get started properly. Take note, you can make money from Clickbank if you follow their ground rules.

Once your account as vendor and affiliate marketer approved, you can get started. If you are a vendor, you can start posting your services and products. If you are an affiliate, choose the product you intend to promote to your followers. You can browse Clickbank marketplace, wherein you can find all sorts of offering from ebooks to gadgets to home appliances.

If you have a dress website, and you wish to make money promoting dresses or related products to your site visitors as an affiliate, just pick the product with the highest commission then click the button “promote.”

When you click the “Promote” button, a pop up window will appear, asking your transaction ID and account nickname. Type in your account name (the name you registered when you signed up) but leave the other field blank, Transaction ID is for tracking purposes only. Next, click the button “Create” then wait for your affiliate link, which will automatically show.

Copy the URL by highlighting it then paste on the URL bar so you can visit the products landing page.

The affiliate link will serve as your ID to receiving your commission from promoting Clickbank products.

How Clickbank Products Works For Affiliate

Affiliate makes money from promoting Clickbank products on their website. When someone click your affiliate link, and buy the product you are promoting, you get a commission. Sounds easy, yes, it is easy if you have a website and strong followers. In fact, if you have a steady traffic, you can definitely make money from Clickbank.

So, what are you waiting for visit Clickbank website and register to start promoting products that will bring you additional income.

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