What Are Facebook Ads?

Marketing on Facebook is the best way to communicate and engage your customers
Marketing Facebook – What Your Business Should Share on Facebook .

Do you want to maximize your facebook business page? If you do then you should consider placing an advertisement on the most popular social media network today. Facebook has billions of registered users. These users can easily be tapped and turned into a potential client. But with their recent algorithm changes, you need to place an advertisement on Facebook to get into the news feed of your target users.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are shown on profile page as well as on your friends. Advertisements are usually placed in the right sidebar of your homepage or fan pages. When a friend liked a certain page, the ads can appear on the news feed. In order words, what you do or social action is seen by friends. This is just one of the way’s Facebook ads target potential customers of advertisers.

Facebook does not sell their users information to advertisers. They also have policies that strictly implemented for third party apps so users have an option. In case users do not want to use apps, they are not forced to use one. Facebook advertisements provide advertisers their money’s worth because they only pay for ads that target their market. Allow me to further explain so you can understand better how advertisement on Facebook works.

How Facebook Ads Work

If you have a personal account, you can create Facebook ads. But you need to create a business page to start. The business page must be good because it will serve as your advertisement once you activate Facebook ads. Now that I have given you a preliminary of what to do let us proceed with how facebook ads work.

Once an ad is created, you get to choose the type of audience you would want to reach. You can see the ad yourself if you belong to the audience you are targeting. Facebook wants ads shown to users to be interesting and useful as much as possible. So, they decided which ads to show to users. This is a good strategy as your ads will only be seen by your target market.

Facebook shows only ads relevant to users and they based the information on user’s age, location, gender and the device they use. They also took note of user’s social action through the pages they liked and visited. Facebook also takes into consideration the things you do outside of the website and apps. By the way, when you created an account you agreed to Facebook using your information. It is discussed on the Data use and cookie policy so they are not breaking any laws.

Furthermore, it is not just Facebook that do this other companies also use technologies like pixel tags, local storage and cookies to show ads relevant and useful to you. If you are advertising creating Facebook ads is a great advantage as you can showcase your products or services to millions of people.

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