Causes of Fatigue

Causes of Fatigue

causes of fatigue

Fatigue is a typical result of too much mental and physical exertion. It is a common problem that most people do not realize that their fatigue is a symptom of a disease. Fatigue also known as exhaustion, tiredness, listlessness and lethargy can have an adverse effect on your health and concentration. It is why, it is important to know the causes of fatigue to overcome the feeling of weakness.

What Causes Fatigues

Lack of Sleep

There are different causes of fatigues in adult. The most common is the lack of sleep. If you are sleeping less than 8 hours a day, the time will come when you will feel so tired that the only thing you can do is sleep.

Sleep Apnea

Most people with sleep Apnea are not sleeping enough. Their breathing problem often gets in the way of quality sleep. The regular interruption of breathing can wake you up, even you are not aware that you have walked up in the middle of the night. So, even if you sleep for 8 hours straight, you will feel like you never sleep properly. Sleep apnea patient often wear CPAP device to keep the airway open at night. They are also advised to quit smoking and stay healthy.

Unhealthy Eating Habit

Eating too much is bad same with eating little. But the worst thing you can do to your body is eating unhealthy food. It is important that you eat a well balanced meal every day to keep the blood sugar level normal. Drop in blood sugar level can make you feel sluggish even if you are not doing anything. It is also crucial to eat breakfast to get through the day. Breakfast is the most important meal.


Anemia is the primary cause of fatigue in women. There are different conditions that cause iron deficiency, and pregnancy is one of them. Taking iron supplement and eating food rich in iron such as beans, meat, and liver can help combat anemia.

Too Much Caffeine Intake

Caffeine help keeps us stay alert but too much can increase blood pressure, heart rate and cause jitteriness. Study also shows that caffeine overload causes fatigue. So, if you drink coffee or anything with caffeine, it is best to cut back your caffeine intake. Take note, most people experience caffeine withdrawal and fatigue when they stop suddenly. So, it is wise to gradually cut back to avoid the side effects.


Urinary tract infection can also cause fatigue. Women often have UTI, they are not just aware that they have an infection. This is a common problem, and since UTI comes and go in women, they seldom seek medical help unless the symptoms of UTI become obvious.

Fatigue is one of the symptoms of urinary tract infection. Taking antibiotics can get rid of the bacteria and cure the problem. Drinking coconut juice and plenty of water per day also helps.

Other causes of fatigues are diabetes, heart disease, sleep disorder, fibromyalgia, food allergies, dehydration, and more. If you are experiencing mild fatigue that is not caused by any medical condition exercising daily may help overcome tiredness.

Moderate workout to a healthy adult can boost energy. If you are not eating properly or healthily, taking health supplements may also help improve your energy and protect you from other diseases.

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