What Causes Asthma Attack – Part 2 of 3

Asthma is a health problem affecting the airways that bring air to the lungs. This is a chronic condition so it is crucial that the sufferers learn to live with the disease or overcome it. Asthma attacks cause the bronchial tubes to become a bit red in color, swollen and irritated so much that it results in a narrowing of the airway. If you want to know more about what causes asthma attacks to reduce the incidents, please read on.

How Asthma Affect Your Breathing

Inflammation is the main factor why the bronchial tubes narrow during asthma attack. The bronchial tubes turn swollen, irritated and reddish. When the inflammation of the wall of bronchial tubes thickens it will cause the airway to reduce in size. Inflammation also causes the tissues to produce an excessive amount of mucus that could clog the smaller airways.

The next major cause of asthma is bronchospasm. When the muscles constrict around the bronchial tubes, this process is called bronchospasm. It makes the bronchial tubes even narrower. Bronchospasm is a condition that can occur to all humans since it is brought on by dry air or cold. And last but not the least major cause of asthma is the hyperreactivity.

Hyperreactivity is common to asthma patient with a chronic condition. When the airway is constantly inflamed it becomes extremely sensitive to infections, irritants and allergens. Exposure to triggers will result in further narrowing and inflammation.

What Causes Asthma Attacks

Asthma attacks are caused by triggers. Each person with asthma has a trigger or cause of asthma attack. Knowing what these triggers are can help reduce the asthma attacks significantly or prepare you for the attack.

Tobacco Smoke

Smoking for people has been proven to be dangerous. Tobacco for an asthma patient is not just dangerous to health can the smoke also triggers an asthma attack in some patient. The smoke created when breathed by an asthmatic individual can irritate the bronchial tube enough to constrict the airway.

Dust Mites

Dust mites can also trigger asthma attack so if you are asthmatic it is best avoid stuffed animals, clutter, comforter and places where dust mites usually found. Washing your pillow covers, comforters or quilts on hot water can help protect you from dust mites trigger.


Mold may also trigger an asthma attack. So fix your leaks to prevent mold from growing under the floors or behind the walls. Keeping the room cool with dehumidifier or air conditioner can also prevent mold that could trigger your asthma attack.

There are many causes of asthma attacks. Other triggers are even linked to respiratory virus, colds, influenza or flu. Allergies, sinus infections and breathing in certain chemicals may also trigger an asthma attack.

Some people even have an asthma attack when they exercise, smell fragrances or eat certain food and many more. As said before, knowing what your trigger is can lessen the incidents of an asthma attack.

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