What is Affiliate Marketing

Are you wondering about what is affiliate marketing? To put in plain words, affiliate marketing is simply another way to make money online. People who are helping businesses promote their website, service or products are paid. So, if you want to make money online, know that being an affiliate marketer is one way to make money off the internet.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

The technological boom of the “90s created the world wide web aka web, internet, and digital information. With the popularity of the internet, many companies realized the opportunity to make their services and products well known to millions of people easily and without spending a lot.

The massive boom of the e-commerce also created lots of websites, and most of these website owners are creating original content that provides information that benefits the consumers. The popularity of the internet as a source of information has also created a new opportunity to website owners as they wanted to get paid for their hard work. They get paid for placing adverts and promoting a product or services by being an affiliate marketer, etc.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work

The most popular way to make money from affiliate marketing is to become a publisher, wherein you earn a commission every time someone follows your link to another website then buy something from that site. Take note, this is only the most popular way because you can earn a lot from being a publisher.

However, being a publisher is never easy, probably why some affiliate marketers opted for the easy way. You see, you can also make money from referring visitors who sign up, give their email address, leave their name and address, complete a survey and do other kind of action.
Whenever someone click a link then buy something or do some kind of action, affiliate marketers get a commission. They either earn from the sale or get a fixed amount per conversion. In case you have no idea what is a conversion, it simply means the number of people who uses your link, with a code embedded into it so the advertiser can keep track where the visitors come from.

By the way, some advertisers also give a coupon code to the publisher or people who are promoting their products or services for visitors to use, which also help track conversions. For example, when someone releases an ebook, people are given an opportunity to promote it through an affiliate program. The people who promote the ebook earn about 40% commission every time they made a sale. Whenever someone sign up to become an affiliate marketer, they are given a unique code that enables them to promote the ebook and make money.

Take note, most advertisers (aka companies, individuals or business) use affiliate marketing to promote new products or services as they get more from this type of program. After all, they only pay when there is a conversion, unlike the traditional marketing.

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program

If this is your first time to venture into the world of affiliate marketing, know that there are many affiliate marketing programs for novice. Bear in mind when you are just starting, it is always best to start with programs that you can easily manage and most importantly get accepted into. So what is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners, you can get experience from Clickbank, Amazon.com, Commission Soup, Plimus etc.

Once you have enough experience, you can try other lucrative affiliate marketing programs. But remember, affiliate marketing is not easy, you need to be familiar with link building, basic search engine optimization, and keyword research.

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