Turnkey Websites – Heaven Sent or Affiliate Marketers Nightmare

Turnkey websites are plug and play websites. These are websites already built, loaded with content and already a functioning site. Turnkey sites have been around, used by online marketers for years. Ready made websites been debated about it advantages and disadvantages because readymade websites have its good and bad points like all system online.

That’s why, a lot of people are interested in knowing if these websites are heaven sent or a nightmare. To find out the answer to the question of most online marketers, let us look at the two sides of turnkey websites.

What’s A Turnkey Website?

For those who have no idea, turnkey sites are simply websites already pre-built. There are thousands of turnkey websites for sale, but not all can be considered a good buy. In fact, to be considered as the best turnkey websites, the ready made turnkey websites must be completely functioning and operational website that comes with affiliate programs, content, script and images.

In other words, the website must be easy to set up and run, you do not even need to do much to get your website running and make money online.

Are Turnkey Websites Free?

There are ready made sites for free, but the best turnkey websites usually not free. The average cost of plug and play websites generally at $14 to $50, the price depends on the niche and of course the freebies and affiliate programs that come with the site. Anyway, if you decide to buy, it is best to research carefully before buying one to avoid the negatives associated with turnkey websites.

Are Turnkey Websites Heaven Sent?

In order to determine if turnkey websites are heaven sent to affiliate marketers or not, let us dig deeper at who can benefit the most from ready made websites. Obviously, newbies or beginners to internet marketers, people who have no skill in setting up websites and money to hire a website developer can benefit from turnkey websites. Take note, it takes money, skill and time to develop a good website, a money making site.

Furthermore, a quality turnkey website can also benefit businesses that just needed a space online to communicate with their potential customers and long time clients. Internet marketers who also just wanted to test the waters will also benefit a lot from readymade sites cheap price.

Turnkey websites may also be used backlinking and other things. For example, you have a website already up and running, which you have done yourself or a professional develop it. You can use ready made sites to generate links for your main website. In fact, potential customers can be redirect to your main website from a turnkey website if you want to get more traffic and sales.

Are Turnkey Websites A Marketers Nightmare?

Turnkey websites, unfortunately, can also be an internet or affiliate marketer’s nightmare because as I have said before, not all ready made sites are good to buy. This is because, some plug and play sites having been sold many times already, so the contents are no longer unique. Of course, it is easy to remedy this problem, simply edit the content and images to your website unique.

Ready made turnkey website also often times advertised incorrectly. Some sellers intentionally mislead buyers, especially newbies to internet marketing that they can make money right away when they buy from them. If you see an advertisement that promise quick buck overnight from purchasing website, ignore and keep browsing. Keep in mind that like a custom-built website, you still need to market your ready made website. Besides, site traffic is not part of the freebies of buying turnkey websites because to get to the first page of the search result page you need to market your site.

Now that you have an idea about turnkey websites each side, it is time to decide whether readymade websites are for you or not. I have laid out the good and bad points of turnkey websites the rest is up to you.

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