Important Facts About Building A Website or Blog

Building a website or blog is easy when you are familiar with html, basic web design, CSS and web page editors. But if you are not, don’t worry you can still build a website using WordPress, Blogger, etc. You can also buy a readymade website if you don’t want to bother with common problems of building a website. Anyway, whatever you decide know that you can have a website without spending a lot.
Most people believe that websites cost money. Well, this is true if you are building an ecommerce site, especially when you hire a professional to do it. Come to think of it! People are scared of creating a website because they believe that websites is very costly. But what they do not know is that, the cost of a website depends on the type of site and the features they wanted. Anyway, if you need a website for your business or for blogging but cannot afford the cost of an expensive site, know that you can build a website without breaking your piggybank.

Building A Website or Blog

The following are essential information that you need to know to make your own website without spending much.

Get A Domain Name

The common mistake of newbies is not registering a domain name first before they hire a website designer or buy website builder program. You see, domain name is very important as this is the name of your future website. In a brick and mortar world, a domain name is your business name. Therefore, you should register your business name first before you even start hunting for an office space.
When buying a domain name, it is best that you consider the type of website you want and the niche you wish to enter. Once you have decided on the type of site you want, register a domain name immediately.

Shop for A Web Host

What is a web host? In layman terms, a web host is a company that allows your site to be viewed online by everyone in the world. It is your website home, your place of business or office. The web host is a provider or renter of online space, so you need to sign up or rent a space to get started.
By the way, you only need to sign up for an account if your website is self hosted. Meaning to say, you will not avail of the blogger platform or wordpress free hosting, but just creating a website using their platform. Take note, most serious blogger prefer self hosting as it gives them more control over their website.

Design The Website

Once the first and second steps completed, next thing to do is design a website. I’m assuming that you will be doing the site yourself, but if you are hiring a professional to do the site for you then you can move to the next step as they will handle the design for you.
There are many things to consider when designing your website like what programs to use and whether to use a free web editor’s software or buy a commercial program. If you are financially tight, you can use the free software.

Test The Website

Once done creating or building a website/blog, test the website to see if your site is working the way you wanted it to be.
Test with different browsers like Chrome and Firefox, if everything is fine then publish your website.

Tips Newbies Need to Know When Building A Website or Blog

Small businesses should not bother with flash animation as this feature costs money to construct as well as maintain. It is costly because you will need a professional to create a flash animation. You should also learn to maintain your site, learn the basic html and of course buy effective web building software.
Using free platform is also highly recommended, if your website is for blogging. WordPress, an open source blogging tool are perfect for internet website and weblog because it is easy to maintain and put up. In fact, you can have a website constructed in one hour with WordPress if you choose to do your site yourself.
Whatever you decide, know that building a website or blog these days is easy as there are lots of free tools around the internet that you can use. Free tutorials with videos are also all over the internet, so there is no reason to be afraid of building a website or blog.

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