Guidelines To Facebook Ads

Are you planning on promoting your business on social networking site? Most marketers promote their new brands on the most popular social networking site which is Facebook. Marketers and website owners used the #1 social networks to reach their targeted audience. If you are one of the many people that wants to advertise on FB, but don’t what to do then maybe this article can help you.

Advertising on Facebook is now necessary because of the last updates. Many businesses are promoting their Facebook business page to increase sales and drive traffic to their website. Unfortunately, you can’t just advertise any product or services because the site have guidelines that advertisers need to keep in mind.

Why Advertising on Facebook Is Now Sensible?

The last update on Facebook algorithm, completely throw off marketers advertising strategy. This is because not all posts will show up in all of the followers or fan’s feeds. In fact, the last changes in Facebook made it necessary to post engaging content to your business page. But even if you post engaging content there is no assurance that your posts whether video or images will show up in your fan’s feeds. The only way to ensure your posts will be seen by your targeted audience is to activate your Facebook ads.

Why Facebook Change their Algorithm

The move of Facebook is no longer surprising as they now have shareholders to please. Facebook first and foremost is a public business so the website needs to make money. The change in EdgeRank forces marketers to advertise which resulted in 38% Facebook sales. Anyway, what does the change mean for your marketing strategy? It means only one thing this is the time to invest in social network advertisement.

But of course, before you start any social media advertising, you need to create a social media strategy that would work well with your line of product. It is also crucial to take into consideration Facebook guidelines for advertisement to avoid ad rejection.

Guidelines For Facebook Ads

  1. The first thing you need to do is determine an objective so you can decide on a budget. The objective must be realistic and according to your business allocated budget.
  2. If you have an existing post on your Facebook business page, promote it. Choose the post with the most number of comments, shares and likes. In other words, use post with the highest level of engagement.
  3. Photos or images play an important part in advertising. An article becomes more powerful when accompanied with an engaging photo. Take note, picture tells a thousand words, so choose your image well. It should catch attention so people will share and comment on your post.
  4. Facebook ad can definitely help your business but you should not oversell your product through advertising. So, consider other means to promote your products or improve your traffic.
  5. When posting content, make sure that it will engage your target audience so they will not just dismissed your post as another crap.
  6. Testing your ads by running several posts at the same time can help you determine which works best for your target audience.
  7. Analyze your ads performance. It is crucial to study the performance of your ads especially when running multiple ads. The performance of your advertisement will help you figured out the appropriate budget for your advertisement.

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